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The Phoenix COVID-19 Statement


The Phoenix will be reopening Saturday 4th July as you will be aware by now Pubs have had to make some drastic changes to be able to operate safely and securely for the benefit of Staff & Customers. We have undertaken a full Covid-19 Risk Assessment and have put in measures in line with government guidelines.

We can’t wait to have you all back and see your faces again but we will need to ask for your time and patience while we all get used to a new way of enjoying our favourite pastime. Not everyone will like the sound of these changes but if we want to enjoy our Pubs again these have to be made.

Below are some of the measures we are putting in place for our opening weekend and the coming weeks.


First Come First Served

For now we think the fairest way is to operate our seating is on a First Come First Served basis. Feel free to give us a call before you venture round to enquire about seating. Tables are for a maximum of 6 people.


No Suppin’ While Standing

You will be required to be seated at your table while consuming your bevvies.


Pick up or Drop off

We will not be allowing queuing at the bar BUT we will be taking orders from your table or dropping them to a safe, sanitised, distanced drop off point where we will take payment.


Hand Sanitiser

We will have 3 sanitising spots around the pub.

The Main Door – use on entry is a must!

Outside the toilets

By the Exit Door



Our kitchen will remain closed in the meantime while it is being decorated and will return soon!


Contactless is King!

Of course we will be accepting those new plastic notes BUT if can pay Contactless that would be great.

We are now on the HOPT app (available from app store or google play) to place & pay for your order.


Staff PPE

Masks, gloves, hand sanitisers, anti bac and sanitation spray made available and encouraged for all staff to wear.


Upgraded Cleaning Schedule

Not only has the pub been decorated, we undergone a huge deep clean and thorough sanitising while we have been shut, we will be running an upgraded cleaning schedule throughout the day regularly cleaning all touch points, toilet facilities, doors etc.


One Way In, One Way Out

At peak times a one way system will be in place. Entry via normal front door and Exit via fire escape beside toilet stairs.


There will be other small changes Im sure but we will constantly review and try to improve what we can make everyone’s time at The Phoenix as comfortable and as safe as possible. Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or call us on 01704 513233 with any questions or queries you have.


Chris, Teresa, Mike and The Phoenix Team



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